Magnetic Strike


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Magnetic strike is a dual Solenoid driver module. BANG, CRASH, TING and CLANG diffrent materials using the external solenoid to create your own percussion sounds!

The Solenoids can be driven by sending a signal to the trig input. The input will work with triggers, gates and other signals such as LFO’s. Once triggered a gate is gernerated, the length of which will dependent upon the position of the fader on the panel. The lenghth of the gate will in turn determine how long the solenoid is held on for.

At the top position the gate length is at it shortest time, At the bottom position the gate lenghth will be set to it longest time.

Create new rhythms from simple patterns by increasing the time a solenoid is held for to the point it overlaps with the next trigger. As Monostable circuit is non resettable increasing the time held will means subsequent triggers may be skipped giving rise to new patterns while the module waits for the next trigger.

The Faders have LEDs to make it easy to monitor the held time duration.

There is also CV input which responds well to gates as it is threshold activated. Sending a 5V signal will shorten the time and a 0V signal the solenoid will hold the solenoid on.

Experiment with a Piezo amplifier to listen to the material stuck and even create feedback by retriggering from comparators.

Create a Plate reverb and excite or deaden the surface using a solenoid! Try using different matters on the striker of the solenoid.

The module come with a a pair of 1.5M wired Solenoid for use with the DC socket on the panel. If more lenth is required it is possible to buy a DC male – Female extension cable from ebay or other electronics suppliers.

Includes a power ribbon cable, screws and 1 year warranty.

Includes 2 solenoids.

Lovingly hand built at Beepboop Electronics workshop in Bristol


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