Beepboop Telecoms RJ45 Pair


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The Beepboop Telecom RJ45 modules work as a pair to to help you route signals across large eurorack systems. 

Each module has 1 Ethernet port that will accept any standard ethernet cable.

Each module has 6 channels, each with it’s own bipolar LED to help you keep track of what you are routing.

Unlike other RJ45 based modules we have kept it to 6 channels rather than 7. The reason for this is that we have used the spare core to help minimize any noise that might be picked up by longer cables.

We recommend that your RJ45 module should be no further than 4M apart to keep noise to a minimum.

Includes 2 RJ45 modules and a 3M ethernet cable.

loving hand built at Beepboop Electronics workshop in Bristol 

Includes power ribbon, mounting screws and 1 year Warranty


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