Cuts and Folds Kinks clone Eurorack Utility module


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Cuts&folds is a redesign of the mutable instruments module Kinks.

The module includes a rectifier section that can invert, half and full wave rectify.

The second section is a Min / Max logic section which can mix two signals to give you two new variations. Works great with LFOs!

The third section is a sample and hold which produces random modulation from the internally normalised noise source when triggered.

The S/H section is analog so will held voltages will drop over time at a rate of approx. 1mV per Sec. Random voltages with a range of +/- 5V are produced using the internal noise source when externally triggered.

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Including power ribbon, mounting screws and 1 year Warranty

Gerber available here

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+12v = 25mA
-12V = 25mA
+5V = 0mA


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