Line – Euro X10 Amp


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The Beepboop Line-Euro X10 Amp module is a stereo line level to Eurorack level amplifier with 10 times gain.

The left input is stereo which makes it easy to send sounds from desktop gear straight into your modular! The amplified left and right signals are separated to two mono jacks ready for stereo processing in your system.

The LEDs change from green to amber to red depending upon the level of your outputs.

Green = Eurorack level

Amber = Overdriven

Red = Clipping

Line level signals (approximately 1V) can be amplified up to 10 times to bring them up to modular level. For weaker signals there is also the option to change to 20x using the jumpers on the back.

If you prefer the slider at the bottom and the jacks at the top of your module you can flip the direction of the fader using the jumpers marked “flip” on the back and then mount it upside down!

The module is a great way of getting sounds into your system and to start thinking outside the Eurorack box!

Lovingly hand soldered and built at Beepboop Electronics Workshop.

Includes power ribbon, mounting screws and 1 year Warranty.

Gain jumper position examples –

Modular grid –


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