Tape-auto-mate expander V2


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The Beepboop Tape-auto-mate expander adds a series out different gate and trigger outputs to the LO-FI tape sampler module (V4.1 onwards)

The module features 4 outputs;

1st – INVERTED EOC – This output is ideal for gating modulation applied to the pitch CV input of the tape sampler. 

The result is that when the module is in recording no CV modulation will be applied until the playback begins. 

This allows for a more reliable recording and playback experience while using extreme modulation.

  • Reroute CV to Tape sampler CV in via a VCA.
  • Patch VCA out back to tape sampler CV input.

Patching this way will mute the CV input when in record mimicking the way many vari-speed tape decks operate. 


2nd – EOC (End of cycle) – This trigger/gate output is activated when the tape sampler finishes play back and matches the LED on the tape sampler panel. When the tape sampler is set to loop the output will produce a clock matching the loop length.

When the tape sampler playback finishes after being triggered or gated the EOC output will produce a trigger.


3rd – TAP TEMPO CLK OUT – A internal tap tempo tracks the EOC output and then generates a clock. This clock output will keep cycling even if the tape sampler is not in loop mode which is useful for automating playback.


4th – TAP TEMPO INV CLK OUT – An inverted version of the internal tap tempo.


The expander adds the option to trigger, gate, clock and sync modules around your system. 

I hope this module enables new ways of patching which don’t rely on a traditional clock or tempo but enable you to get off the grid by automating your system from the loop length of the tape sampler. 

Some very interesting complex results can be obtained when self patched. If we control the Pitch and therefore the loop length using a CV source triggered by the EOC or any of the other related output chaos ensues caused by the feedback network.

The expander makes it possible to daisy chain tape samplers to create multi segment samplers or to create dual loopers. 

Lovingly hand built at Beepboop Electronics workshop in Bristol 

Includes power ribbon, mounting screws and 1 year Warranty



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