LOFI Tape Sampler V4.3


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The Beepboop LO-FI “tape” sampler for Eurorack is inspired by Peter Edwards of Casper Electronicsand his experimentation with the ISD1820 sampler chip. The name “tape” is given to the module due to the Lo-fi sample rate which is similar to the classic Casio SK1 sampler keyboard.

The module can sample and save one lofi audio file of up to 20s at standard playback rate. The sample can then be played back by either in its entirety or gated.

There is a loop switch which triggers the sample to play again after the sample has stopped. The attenuverter CV input controls the pitch of the sample allowing you to speed up, slow down and audio rate modulate your sample.

A unique feature of the module is the ability to save the CV modulation to a recording to get wow and flutter like wobbles just like with real tape!

This can be used to create kick-like pitch bends when using an envelope for CV and to trigger a recorded sound at the same time.

This module can also be used as a LOFI lo-pass filter with 3 modulation inputs! 

Switch to FT and then feed audio-rate signals into the CV, gate and/or trig for weird ringmod style effects.

V4 new features;

High/low pitch range switch

Attenuverter CV

Increased output gain to 5v peak to peak using an active opamp circuit.

Expander headers – Other expander options include a Microphone and Synconised gates. See Tape-auto-mate….

Reduced end of sample “click”


Including power ribbon, mounting screws and 1 year Warranty


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+12V = 21mA
-12V = 5mA
+5V= 0mA


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