LOFI Tape sampler MIC expander V2


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The MIC expander adds the option to record using either the panel or wired Microphone to your LO-FI Tape sampler.

Record your voice or an acoustic instrument instantly! The expander has two switches, the first turns it on/off and the second selects between the panel

microphone and the jack for wired microphones. A wired lapel mic is included.

As well as helping to record samples when used in the FT mode the expander provides new possibilities to experiment with feedback.

Connect the output of the tape sampler to a small monitor speaker, like the Eurostack soundsystem, and listen using the microphone! You can control the feedback by opening and closing the filter using the CV input.


The expander is designed to be used with electret condenser microphones such as this lapel MIC readily found on Ebay.

The expander is only compatible with the V4 LO-FI tape sampler and above. 

It is connected to the rear of the tape sampler module using jumper wires provided.

The images of how to install the expander are here;


Demo Video avaliable here;

Lovingly hand built at Beepboop Electronics workshop in Bristol 

Includes power cables, jumper cables and mounting screws and 1 year Warranty


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