Eurostack Sound System V2


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The Beepboop Eurostack sound system module is a 6HP speaker for your Eurorack system.

The Module is ideal for portable systems or for experimenting with real world feedback. This V2 version also includes a DC jack port for use with either and external speaker or transducer as well as a back lit display.

The module pairs very well with out Intercom Mic or Kontact Mic module to explore the sonic possibilities by using the rest of your module system to control the feeback.

External transducers and speakers are sold separately.

The circuit is based around a LM386 which is capable of driving a 1W speaker.

I designed the module to be used as part of the small eurorack systems I use as part of my Electronics teaching workshops here in Bristol, UK.

I will be releasing a larger more bass-orientated version to use with this version in the future.

All proceeds go towards keeping the Beepboop electronics workshop in Bristol open 🙂

Build your dreams.

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