2hp Intercom MIC


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The Beepboop 2hp Intercom MIC is a great way of getting sounds into your system and to start thinking outside the Eurorack box!

The module has an onboard microphone and can also be used with the wired microphone that comes included. The switch allows for selection between the different microphones.

The module features adjustable gain making it possible to hear even the smallest of sounds. There is also a LED behind the panel to make it possible to monitor your signal.

Quickly capture and process your voice to produce vocoder style effects.

Experiment with real world feedback using speakers and filters!

The Microphones have a sensitivity of -55db and a range up to 20kHz.

Lovingly hand soldered and built at Beepboop Electronics Workshop.

Includes power ribbon, mounting screws, wired lapel mic and 1 year Warranty

Modular grid – https://www.modulargrid.net/e/beepboop-electronics-intercom-mic


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