Switched Mult.


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Utility modules are the unsung heroes or eurorack!

The Beepboop Switched Mult. allows you to mute, combine and reroute signals in your system at the flick of a switch.

The Jacks are connected via the switch next to them. The switch has three positions which determine where the signal is routed.

When the switch is in the left position the Jack will be connected to any other jack that is also in the left position. The same is true when switched in the right position.

When the switch is in the central position it is effectively muted as it is not connected to any other jack.

The top 4 switches can be combined with the bottom 4 with a jumper on the back of my PCB.

Lovingly built at BeepBoop Electronics workshop this module comes with mounting screws and 1 year guarantee.


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