2hp Envelope Follower


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The Beepboop Envelope follower generates a level-dependent control voltage, which are useful for modulation and for dynamic processes. The envelope follower makes it possible to patch your own compressors, auto-panning/filter and many other dynamic processes from any VCAs/filters etc.

The module fits into a tiny 2hp package – but in spite of its size, it’s very flexible.

The slider simultaneously controls both the attack and decay of the envelope generated. When the slider is at the top position the attack is at full and the decay is at zero and vice versa. 

The switch is used to “kill” either the Attack or decay. This make it possible to just control one either the Attack or decay.

As well as tracking audio and CV the module also works really well as a function generator when used with triggers and gates.

Lovingly designed and built at BeepBoop Electronics workshop here in Bristol, UK. Includes a power ribbon, mounting screws and 1 year guarantee.

Modular grid – https://www.modulargrid.net/e/beepboop-electronics-2hp-envelope-follower


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