2hp Dual VCA


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The old saying goes “You can never have enough VCAs!” 

2hp Dual VCA combines two voltage controlled amplifiers into a tiny skiff friendly package. 



The inputs of VCA 1 are normalised to the inputs of VCA 2 for easy use in duo phonic or stereo patches. The module features two LEDs behind the VCA symbols on the panel to help monitor the output level of each VCA.

The VCA inputs are DC coupled so it can be used to process both all types of signals. 

The CV input range is 0-5V, 5V = Unity gain. 

The VCAs have a linear response curve as sold but the header pins on the back of the module can be connected to a 2hp expander to modify the VCA response curve to exponential. 



35mm deep

Normalized inputs

0-5V CV range

DC Coupled

Linear response curve

Expander – Response curve control


Lovingly hand built at Beepboop Electronics workshop in Bristol 

Includes power ribbon, mounting screws and 1 year Warranty


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