2hp Passive LPG V1

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The Beepboop Passive LPG is a simple analog LOW-PASS GATE circuit based around a VTL5C vactrol with a fader to adjust the CV applied to the Vactrol.

Feed an audio source or CV into the IN jack and then control the amplitude of this signal applied to the OUT jack with the CV jack. 

The module will respond to triggers, giving that classic LPG ping and ring sound or can be used like a VCA with envelope control signals.

The I/O switch changes the depth of the Lopass gate.

Lovingly designed and hand soldered here at Beepboop Electronics Workshop in Bristol.

Build your dreams.

Modular grid – https://www.modulargrid.net/e/beepboop-electronics-2hp-passive-lpg

1 review for 2hp Passive LPG V1

  1. Wal

    Excellent little LPG in 2hp, whether you’re using it as a VCA or just pinging it. I’ve got two already, and I fancy a couple more. Quad passive VCA in 8hp? What’s not to like?

    • beepboopelectronicsworkshop

      thank you so much for this lovely review 🙂 this has really helped me today. I have been coming up with some ideas for a passive dual LPG crossfader! I’m hoping to add extra controls to make it HP as well and LP. The Idea is you will be able to crossfade using a bipolar signal and then either side will have it’s own LPG with 2 CV inputs. One to open the fiter like normal and one to adjust either the curve or the depth of the filter. I still need to try it out on a breadboard but in theory it should work 🙂

      thanks for your support for my little business! happy patching. Mono

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