Varispeed CV Tape Looper


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After years of development this is the tape machine I’ve always dreamed of that didn’t exist.

Designed for recording to tape loops and featuring so many mods that make working with tape loops quicker, easier and more fun.

The mods add manual control of the speed, record and erase on a simple mono tape cassette recorder.

The speed knob has a wide range enabling better quality recording when at high speeds as well as the option to slow down your recordings to glacial spaced out ambient drones.

The REC button mechanism has been modified to be momentary and also works while the tape is in motion. I call this mod the “Dub record mod”

Unlike any other tape deck you can record and then instantly listen back with a single button press. LOFI dub recording with pops clicks and crackle artifacts also included.

The speed can also be controlled by CV from Eurorack modular gear over 0 – 5V. Although not 1V/OCT it is possible to scale CV using an attenuator or modular gear to achieve reasonable pitch tracking.

I’ve added an AC bias Erase circuit and real erase head which is a huge improvement on the standard permanent magnet found in most standard tape decks.

Erase is activated by a new momentary button next to the REC making it possible to easily erase sections of tape instantly at the4 point of playback.

The new real Erase head has been included by replacing the original playback head with a combined head.

As the heads are combined this means when listening to the tape manual erasing happens instantly when at full speed so you can actually punch in Silent gaps into a tape loop. 

When the erase head is  not activated the looper will become a SOS (Sound-on-sound) so you can keep recording and add layers to your tape loop.

AGC mod – Automatic gain Control mod adds a switch with three positions to control the AGC response when recording between three settings.

Upper position – Overkill

Middle position – Normal 

Lower position – Side chain. 

These need to be heard to be fully understood but with this MOD and just a bland kick you can sound the go into new realms from normal rto overdriven sidechained noise effects to all out noise walls.


Aux – 3.5mm which works well with Eurorack level signals

Mic – Normalised to an internal MIC or can be used with the Lapel Mic included. The input is ideal for working with Stereo line level signals.


Speaker – The on board speaker makes it easy to monitor the tape playback. When a jack is inserted into EAR the speaker will cut out.

EAR – Headphones output

MIX – The Tape deck has been modified to include a passive MIX output jack so you can hear your input signal while recording unlike most tape decks.

AUD output jack – Removes the DC offset of the output signal ready to be boosted to Eurorack level for processing in your system. The Beepboop Line-Euro X10 Amp module is designed for this task if you do want to integrate with you set up.

Peak monitor LED

The LED on the panel gives a great indication of signal levels when recording. Ideal signal levels will make the LED light up. For Overdriven sounds just increase the input signal to the point where the LED is always on.

The Power circuit has been modified for a 6V DC power supply instead of the 230V AC in on the original making it safe.

Includes a power supply and 1 year warranty.


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