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Here at Beepboop we’re fascinated by tape.

We designed these simple speed moded tape decks to use as part of our Tape loop workshops. It turned out everyone wanted one so here they are!

Based around a widely available tape deck but with a few mods to make it quicker and easier to play back your tape loops.

The front cover has been removed for quick swapping of tapes which is really handy when playing live.

The AC power supply has been replaced with a much safer common DC power supply whcih makes it possible to safley add mods in the future and work on while powered.

Main feature is a ultra smooth pitch control which allows you to slow down or speed up the tape motor

The variable motor speed makes it possible to warp and bend pitches whilst recording as well as while playing back!

The tape deck features an onboard microphone for recording audio, there is a MIC input on the side which can be used with the electrete lapel mic included.

All Varispeed have a stereo 3.5mm jack input which is mixed down to Mono before being recorded. The output is a 3.5mm stereo jack which has the mono signal on. both speakers.

DC power supply and wired Mic included.


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