USB-Eurorack power supply


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This small USB powered Busboard contains a Meanwell power brick capable of supplying up to 410 mA at +/-12V.

To get the most out of the power supply use a 5V USB charger capable of delivering at least 2.5A. Fast charging smart phone chargers work well.

I made this power supply so I could easily power a small case while out and about. This has enabled me make small dedicated systems such as field recording setup.

Like with any power supply you should not run it near it limit but 80% is enough for a mini case or for benchtop testing.


20cm X 3cm

Lovingly built at Beepboop Electronics Workshop using quality parts.

The concept was originally conceived by Tom Whitwell! Big thanks to MMI for the inspiration who also make a USB power busboard using the same meanwell power brick for generating +/-12V.



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