Active Mixer & Attenuator expander combo – LINEAR


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The Beepboop Active Mixer combo pack is a flexible mixer for Eurorack that makes it possible for you to choose a layout which best suits your system!

We added 6 attenuators in a 2hp package to the 2hp active mixer giving you more control of your signal levels.

The controls have a linear response which is best suited to work with DC CV signals such as LFO’s.

The mixer is made up of 2 X 3 channel mixers but it can be used as a 5:1 mixer thanks to the output of the first mixer being normalized to the first input of the second. 

The Combo pack really suits being used at the end of a case or system due to the compact design. If more space is needed use the 2hp Blanking panel included.

Lovingly designed and built at BeepBoop Electronics workshop here in Bristol, UK.

Includes a power ribbon, mounting screws and 1 year guarantee.


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+12V = 7mA
-12V = 7mA
+5V = 0mA


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