TAPEHEAD Wand – 1/8th Cassette tape head – Without Guides!


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The Beepboop TAPEHEAD wand is a cassette tape playback head wired to a 3.5mm Mono audio jack ready for use with various Beepboop tape replay amplifiers or with your own DIY Tape projects.

TAPEHEAD wands come either with or without the 1/8th inch tape guides.

TAPEHEAD wands without guides are designed to be used on a flat surface. 

Scratch and scrub through pieces of tape! Create a tape sound board by attaching lots of cut up pieces of different sounds recorded to tape, stitch them to a flat surface and then manually play them back!

These handmade Tape wands are made to the highest standard using thick and robust quality shielded cable to ensure durability and minimal noise. The Tape head itself is insulated making it possible to handle without adding ground noise.

Lovingly designed and built at Beepboop, Bristol UK.

Includes 1 year warranty.


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