2hp Active Mult./Mixer switch expander


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The Beepboop 2hp Active Mult./Mixer switch expander adds muting switches for each of the 6 channels of your Beepboop 2hp Active mixer or Multiple.

The switches make it possible to have more control over your signal routing. For example when used with the Beepboop active Mult. to route a clock signal to different parts of your system you can easily turn sequencers on and off with a single switch! 

The Panel is reversible! The backside of the panel is designed for use with the active mixer so that switch position align with the input jacks. 

The expander is only 2hp and potentially saves 12 patching cables.


Demo video here;




As the expander module is passive when used to mute audio signals a small click or pop may sometimes be heard.


Jumper wiring and installation guide available here;



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