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The Kontact Hydrophone Expander allows you to pick up vibrations from outside your system into your 2hp Kontact module to be amplified up to Eurorack level!

The product is the result of numerous experiments with different piezo elements and cables to produce the best possible results. 

The expander is made up of a large piezo contact microphone which has been specially prepared for use in water using a waterproof coating. The  expander can also be used as a regular surface contact mic by holding it against or fixing it to a surface using double sided tape.

The piezo has been wired to a 3.5mm jack that connects to your 2hp Kontact module input, by passing the panel mounted piezo.

Try placing it in running water or in glass and blowing bubbles with a straw.


  • Shieled cable for much improved noise rejection 
  • Large high quality piezo
  • High quality metal jack

The wired expanders are completely hand made here at Beepboop in Bristol to the highest possible standard to ensure they last!

Each comes with a 1 year warranty but claims for damaged cable or broken waterproofing caused by mishandling, incorrect use or poor storage may be rejected.



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