LOFI uTape Scrubber – Bi-directional Micro Tape cassette looper


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LOFI Micro tape looper with CV controlled Bipolar motor!

In addition to the 1U Taperack system and standalone Varispeed tape machines I wanted to create something more affordable so everyone can experiment with Tapeloops in there Eurorack system.

I present the LOFI Dirty uTape Scrubber….. based around modified dictaphone including the same replay circuit as used in the 1U Taperack system.

The Bi-directonal motor driver circuit I have designed is a huge improvement over the standard dictaphone making it possible to scrub a small section back and forth with a Bipolar LFO!

The Pitch knob can be used to control the speed of the tape, the range of the speed will depend upon the direction/range control.

The Direction / Range knob can be used to choose the direction of the tapes movement and the range of the overal pitch.

The Pitch CV is an attenuator for the CV input.

The CV input responds to -5V to +5V signals. Modulate down to 100ms to add vibreto or tremelo to recordings depending on the depth of modulation, Pitch and Range position.

The tape has a single head used for both recording and playback. The switch in the top right is used to swap between the modes. During recording the input is passed through to the Tapehead output to make it easy to monitor what you are recording!

Listen to the TAPEHEAD output jack on the bottom right.

Microtape loops are just as easy to make as normal tape casettes once you get used to it so just one casette is included with 5 replacement loops to use as replacement. More loops and upgraded Microtape cassettes will be avaliable from my website soon as well 🙂

To load a tape ensure the module is in REC mode and that the motor is not moving by returning the direction/range knob to the centre. Press the grey button on the left nearest the motor to make sure the mechamism is ready to be loaded with tape as seen in the product photo. Line up the tape with the guide as place it in the mechanism. Press the middle grey button to engage the tape head and Capstan pressure roller and the tape loop will begin to move.

Regular micro tape cassettes can also be used. Be aware that micro tape play from right to left! So after loading ensure the direction/range know is only turned left.

If the tape stops moving simply give the casette a wiggle and try changing directions.

The AUTO STOP has been disabled to make it possible to play with loops in both direction. This means a little more care is needed when using it with regular tape to ensure you do not damage the tape.

The REC red button has been modified in the same style as the “dub rec” mod I make to the varispeed tape decks. The means you can erase sections of tape momentarly while the tape is still in motion!

Due to the high signal levels involved and effect of sound on sound it may tape a few passes to erase. In some cases it will be difficult to fully erase as the tape may jump on the splice. I will experiement with adding a real bia erase circuit in the future but my aim with the module is to make it avaliable to as many as possible rather than creating extra costs.

If you wuld like to know anything else please let me know via email to beepboopbristol@gmail.com


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